Chad Collyer is a professional mentalist based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. His ability to entertain by performing feats of ESP and bending metal objects with his mind alone make him the perfect entertainment choice for your next event. Chad has performed in almost every venue imaginable. He performs regularly at  graduation parties, restaurants, corporate events, hospitality suites, weddings, festivals/fairs, and trade shows. Ensure your event is remembered by your clients. Hiring Chad means YOU will be remembered for an incredible event.


"Chad goes beyond magic.  He reads your mind and defies the laws of physics.  There is no sleight of hand.  He just makes things happen right in front of you, like bending a quarter that you have previously marked.  Our group was spellbound with his presentation.  He really can read your mind."

John Kindred
President Greenwood Rotary Club


Which Show is right for you?


Mind Reading Act

The booking of choice for most clients, Chad's Mind Reading Act is a unique and incredible demonstration of mind reading and magic fun. The show can be performed to groups from 10 to 1000 and is a sure fire way to impress your guests.
Suitable for both Corporate and Private events, this show is guaranteed to enthral everyone in attendance. This act also includes Chad's famous Audience Reading act where audience members THINK of interesting facts about themselves or questions they have about their future and then answered by Chad!
Typically 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour in length, the Mind Reading Act is a mind blowing and interactive experience that will be the talk of your event.


Mix and Mingle

One of the most popular bookings is for Chad to mingle at your event and amaze guests with his close up. Requiring no set up time, Chad will mingle with your guests and amaze them with his mind blowing skills
This popular option is ideal for drinks receptions,restaurants, and parties & weddings; Chad will blend seamlessly into the event and generate a real buzz amongst your guests.

Virtual Entertainment

Because of COVID-19, Chad has added a virtual show to his services. These are perfect for company "virtual happy hours," or for friends that want to get together virtually to enjoy live online interactive entertainment. 

There are two virtual shows Chad offers. The first is a 30 minute  show that involves a variety of feats of ESP. The second is similar to his live mind reading act where he reads the thoughts of many members of the virtual audience. A combination of both options can also be presented. Please contact Chad below to help him customize the perfect virtual show for your event.


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